"Habitat + social good, develops great urban initiatives"

What’s Impaqto?

Impaqto It’s a place in Quito where we can get professional assistance to make personal projects become doable.

What are Impaqto goals? 

Impaqto is also a social enterprise, a social movement that has been trying to develop social innovation in a necessary growing and sustainable ecosystem in Ecuador.


How does it develop assistance to projects? 

Well, Impaqto is a local business that uses a model of coworking space, which is gravity piece for any project in any professional area.

What type of service can you get in Impaqto?

It’s a different space, everyone is willing to help. It offers things that makes of the place a great place to work. There are many places that are not proper to work, you get distracted and you just can’t concentrate to go on with your work. In this place, most of the time you have to dedicate for a work or a task, is well used.


What’s the most valued thing Impaqto can offer?

Becoming part of a community, where the main issue is connect to people and build a community of coworkers in many different specialist.

 How does the professional assistance program work?

There are 3 stages:

  1. The first stage is the “Incubator program” Normally we have many ideas that can become something, but we don’t know how. This first approach is a 12 hour book camp named Catalisa. Here you understand your main purpose in life and how to go on with your personal problems. We want people to fall in love with their problems so we can later develop solutions.
  1. The next stage is to make people groups. We classify and brainstorm the values of the people problems. We generate prototypes and then build a framework of a business model for their projects or needs, so they can develop solutions that are actually necessary.
  2. The third and final stage, is a long term program of 12 weeks where we try to reach a “Salto Social” we believe that the main issue for people is to build their own business. So we teach them how to make and improvement so they can have a real social innovation where their ideas can be doable and durable.


What is your contribution for the society and community in the city? 

We are always looking for Impact investors, so we can manage to develop bigger improvement. Partnerships with other enterprise compromised to make a social impact. This has been our biggest achievement for a fast growing.

We believe that Habitat + social good, develops great urban initiatives that can change the city and they need to be transmitted.


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Daniela Peralvo
Director of Operations
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