"“Every time we recycle, we save a tree”"

A mother and an environmental activist; Elbia Pisuña – since 30 years – occupies a place in The National Network Of Waste Pickers Of Ecuador (RENAREC) with her organization “Nuevo Amanecer” which means the time in the morning when the sun starts to rise in the sky. One of the eleven recycling organizations working in the southern part of Quito.

She claims that practice and home education inside the citizenry is a decisive factor before recycling. Her work starts from the smallest unit of society, the house, classifying and separating materials and rubbish by different containers. She describes herself as an advocate for the environment and tough work, a resilient woman.

The recycling work is a whole family endeavor where parents, children and grandparents gather all around in the search for reusing items that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

For the process of awareness, “Nuevo Amanecer” has a team of 20 recyclers who are responsible for motivating and encouraging the recycling development, while recovering materials which life can be extended within a second chance’ production cycle. Which not only allows the improvement of the environment but also the generation of  new local income that will allow the economic stability for worker’s families with the advancement and entrepreneurship in developing recycling alternatives.

Every day Elbia seeks to encourage more people to join their labor. ‘It’s a hard work ‘.

Every night they go in search for castoff things and other kind of materials which can potentially be recycled, then for next day they got classified for their later sell.

Elbia makes a call to each of us to get educated, raise awareness and separate our waste. She believe that hope for a better place isn’t lost. “Not everything is useless.”

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