"Ecologist, participative and inclusive design"

What is FUI recycling about?

FUI it’s a design and recycling place with clear goals and values like sharing and creating. These goals are applied in order to create a co-working community.

What is you role at FUI enterprise?

I am one of FUI’s principals. I believe that a great city can be built by having participating citizens and recovering places and environments that are friendly with people.

What do you expect when you think about greening the city?

To have places that can be reforested and to green the city in such a way that it is more likable for its citizens.  I think that overcoming problems start from our neighbours. With a society that looks forward for equality. This is the first step to make in order to change how we live and grow as a city.

What do think about co-working to green the cities?

Well, being friendly is another important issue, most of us don’t even get to know our own neighbours, even if we live next to each other. That’s not working for anyone. Personally I love my neighbourhood, la Floresta, because here people are willing to help to each other, in order to solve problems and create a good living relation with the ones who make the neighbourhood.

Has recycling been your first step in order to green the city?

Definitely, I believe that recycling and making the smalles mark to the environment is understood in everything we do. Having a short shower, traveling by non-polluting transportation, working at places near from where we live – in fact everything that can reduce our energy use, is great for recycling and greening cities for all of us.


Is everything you produce, made out of recycled materials?

Yes, everything our team does, is made out of recycled objects like bill boards. Our products have a unique custom and are really well made and develop. Despite our products haven’t been so well accepted in our country, they are quite requested for others countries like Japan. This happens because what we produce is not a necessity, it’s more like an accessory or jewellery.

FUI’s main idea is to reintroduced used products in order to make their useful life more durable. I think we need more initiatives like this in our cities, if we get to know how to make amazing things with garbage that would be the best way we can green our cities. As city makers.

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Antonio Portilla
FUI Reciclado
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