"Rome has two faces; that of beauty and that of decay"

Massimo Allulli took part in the first New Europe meet up in Amsterdam as part of the Joint Venture program of Pakhuis de Zwijger in June. Massimo is part of Cittalia, a research institute in Rome.

Rome is in transition, Massimo starts his presentation at our New Europe day. Why? Everyone recognized the ancient Rome depicted behind him on his presentation. But what many outsiders do not know is that Rome is a city of two faces, that of its many ancient ruins, but also one of littering and vandalism.

However, Rome’s citizens are organizing themselves to solve such issues. Retake Roma, for example, is an organisation that gathers people and goes out in the street to tidy up public space: removing stickers, replacing illegal graffiti with street art and picking up garbage in flower patches. You can see the difference these actions make here.


As a research center on the city of tomorrow, Cittalia is Rome’s City Embassy. Learn more about our network of Embassy’s and City Makers here.


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