"Local digital production is now accessibly for all of us"

Bacteria Lab or Fablab, is a place dedicated to innovate the production and design of common things we use day by day using the digital production as their main tool. All the operations that happen here are directed by two smart guys named Diego and Sergio, who had this great idea of developing digital technology made in Ecuador.

Would you tell us more about you and what is your plan to improve the way how people lives and makes things?

Well I’m Diego and I’m a 29 year old architect, who started his own company named Fablab 6 years ago. I wanted to make a place where anyone can come an purchase their own projects in order to make a better society and place to live. I believe that my contribution to the community must be helping people make their unique projects come livable. So we can become a competitive country in the world.

Seems it’s my turn now. Well I’m Sergio, his partner, and I’m also a 30 year old architect. I have my own company, it’s named Archisense, but now Diego and I have decided to combine our companies in order to develop great things to people. I think architecture isn’t just a place where we live, it’s a place that should give us memories and sensitive experiences. Combined with a sense of sustainable in the materials we use and systems that could make our living great. So all of us can feel happy in differente spaces and part of the society.

We both are pioneers in digital production and researching in the country. We think developing things in our own country, is the first step to change our reality. We hardly believe in the “made in Ecuador” slogan.

How would you describe the co-creation process?

Our designs and programs are created based in parametric design and demotic systems. In order to make our lives easier, comfortable and sustainable.

All the projects we are working on are produced by a co-working team with professionals of many different areas that want to make a real change and open doors for everyone who has initiative. The team goal is to share our knowledge to people who has passion and wants to change the world, so citizens can start believing that great things can be done here in Ecuador.

3D printing machine © Charlot Schans

Thank you very much it has been great talking to you guys, this was BacteriaLab, we will soon hear more about them and hopefully they will continue innovating and creating. They will be presenting some of their work and projects at the Habitat III congress on October 17th. So keep tuned on! This guys are making great and amazing changes for everyone.

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