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Yhteismaa  is introducing the sense of community already in its name. Spaces perceived as “Common grounds” is the first view we have from this organisation, where they understand  urban life and its urban social culture as a priority matter.The organisation aims to create a new participatory city culture, co-creation, social movements and placemaking. These goals are fuelled by different activities and projects they perform.  Lectures and workshops are organised by them to create awareness in communal participation and the utilisation of social media. Those activities embrace creative ways to gather neighbours/inhabitants as a community and reactive public spaces. Here a list of projects they initiated: – Cleaning day: as a celebration day with flea markets, where recycling is also considered as a regular and easy way to convey a vivid and responsible urban life. Everyone is invited to participate organising new events. – Parking day: How would it be the streets without any cars? Several activities are planned in those places usually occupied by cars. – Dinner under the sky: these events are held mostly in August. Friends, families and neighbours get together to have dinner outdoors. – Living room exhibition: gives the chance to young artist, who cannot afford galeries, to exhibit their art making use of private rooms around Helsinki. – Home theatre festival: Literally, homes become theatres for one week! – More street art in Hensinki: together with G-REY (street art group), they intent to implement large-sized murals in different locations in order to animate the cityscape of Helsinki. If you are interested in the topic do not miss the interview to Jaako Blombeng founder of Yhteismaa. Get more information in their website!
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