Wed 23 Sep 2015 until Sun 27 Sep 2015

Metropolitan Field Trip Stockholm – Oslo

Wed 23 Sep 2015 until Sun 27 Sep 2015

Join us on this four-day field trip to Stockholm and Oslo and meet your professional peers and local City Makers.

Stockholm and Oslo are growing rapidly; with Stockholm as one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. This creates opportunities and new challenges. How can densification be combined with a bigger quality of the city at eye level and green spaces? How can mobility cope? What does growth mean for segregation and gentrification? Are new initiatives of City Makers opponents or partners? How can the cities and private partners be inviting and open up? In this trip, you will meet with Stockholm’s and Oslo’s planners and City Makers, visit inspiring projects and initiatives, and join the dialogue on how bottom-up and top-down can meet. We will bring a mixed group of interdisciplinary people passionate for cities.

What will the Metropolitan Field Trip entail?

With a broad perspective on transition and social innovation in urban development we will study Stockholm and Oslo as cities and metropolises. We will meet local City Makers, professional peers, residents, entrepreneurs, and study the small-scale, often informal urban interventions.

The Metropolitan Field Trip to Stockholm and Oslo is organized by Stipo and Inspiring Cities together with Pakhuis de Zwijger, Deltametropolis Association and AIR.

It is part of a range of trips to different European capitals, building a European network of Citymakers and cities. Among others, we work towards a meet-up of cities and citymakers in Amsterdam in May 2016, parallel to the European Union meeting which will also take place in Amsterdam. Previous trips led us to London, Lisbon, Budapest, Athens, Berlin, Copenhagen-Malmö and Rome; now, we look forward very much to Stockholm and Oslo.

Preliminary programme – subject to change 

Wednesday, September 23: Stockholm’s growth and planning, debate on densification and dialogue

11.00 hs    Departure from Schiphol airport

14.15 hs     South Stockholm: introduction on leading themes of city planning in Stockholm: housing. infrastructure and participation; the walkable city, densification

16.00 hs     Nacka and Magiska Trädgården

18.00 hs     Hotel and dinner in Södermalm

21.00 hs     Evening walk through Södermalm

Thursday, September 24: Stockholm’s new initiatives and City Makers, debate on how the City and the City Makers meet

09.30 hs     Färgfabriken: introduction on the initiative and city-wide networks and debates

11.00 hs      Departure to afternoon visits

12.00 hs     Lunch

12.45 hs      Site visits in smaller groups, including: Swedenborgsgatan, Hökarängen, Cyklopen, Kungsträdgarden, and more!

18.00 hs     Dinner

20.00 hs     Open Night by Open Lab KTH and City of Stockholm, Färgfabriken, Stipo and Pakhuis de Zwijger

Friday, September 25: Oslo’s growth

07.00 hs     Departure from hotel

09.30 hs     Flight to Oslo

11.30 hs     Arrival to hotel, freshen up

13.00 hs     Lunch meeting with the City of Oslo

15.00 hs     Visit to building projects in Ring 1 and around the Fjord

18.00 hs     Dinner

Saturday, September 26: Oslo’s new initiatives and City Makers 

10.00 hs     Mesh: introduction to Mesh and the bottom-up initiatives of Oslo

11.00 hs     Cycling tour along initiatives

12.30 hs     Lunch in Mathallen

13.30 hs     Continue cycling tour and site visits

18.00 hs     Dinner

20.00 hs     Wrap up and conclusions of the Metropolitan Field Trip

Sunday, September 27: departure from Oslo

Why should you join the Field Trip to Stockholm and Oslo?

Because you are somewhat actively engaged in the transition of cities, or urban development in general. You want to broaden your horizon and witness how things are done elsewhere in Europe. You want to meet new people within your field of interest or profession, and want to establish sustainable (inter)national contacts. And first and foremost, you want to get a unique perspective on Stockholm and Oslo, gain this in the company of an inspiring group of peers and have the practicalities fully taken care off.

Who will join the Metropolitan Field Trip?

  • Handan Aydin (Boss Lady South East)
  • Parcifal van den Berg (Entrepreneur at Ronddekeukentafel, Bergunlimited and partner Planformatie)
  • Reina Boon (Willem de Kooning Academie)
  • Rinske Brand (BRAND communicatie)
  • Rosa Danenberg (Freelance urbanist in Stockholm)
  • Eduard Dirkzwager (Bureau Warmoestraat bv)
  • Inge Drontmann (Strategy & Innovation)
  • Paul Elleswijk (Programmamanager at Havensteder)
  • Arie van der Ham (Partner at Stipo)
  • Lucas Hendricks (Director A Lab)
  • Cor van Hulst (Former director City Development Rotterdam)
  • Jeroen Laven (Partner at Stipo)
  • Mirela Milosevic (Project assistant Praktijkleerstoel Area Development TU Delft)
  • Jaap Modder (Brainville, board member Deltametropolis Association)
  • Hans Redert (Stipo)
  • Herald Roelevink (Location development)
  • Charlot Schans (project leader of New Europe, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam)
  • Jaap Schoufour (Head Bureau Broedplaatsen, municipality of Amsterdam)
  • Martine Sluijs (Proces & Program manager at P3 and the Province of Utrecht)
  • Theo Stauttener (Stadkwadraat)
  • Anna Swagerman (Stipo)
  • Robin von Weiler (Owner at Von Weiler Investments)

Practical information & Booking

The Metropolitan Field Trips are organized on a cost basis. The costs are € 800 ex VAT, including plane tickets and hotel, programme and meetings; excluding local costs for dinner, lunch and public transport. After 1st of August cost will be € 900 ex VAT

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