Thu 10 Mar 2016 until Sun 13 Mar 2016

Metropolitan Field Trip Paris

Discover the sparks of innovation enlightening la Ville Lumière.
Thu 10 Mar 2016 until Sun 13 Mar 2016

Join us on this four-day field trip to Paris and meet your professional peers and local City Makers.

Following the tragic events of November 2015 the Metropolitan Field Trip Paris has been postponed to March 10-13 2016.

Paris, la Ville Lumière, is difficult to imagine without immediately thinking of her outstanding landmarks and tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre-Dame, le Pont Neuf and Montmartre’s charming cobblestone streets with its baret bearing artists, making a dime with comic drawings of smiling tourists on Place du Tertre. 

As we all know, beneath the elegant surface of Haussmann boulevards lined with tin roofed apartment buildings, there is more to discover.  The inner city is facing staggering housing prices as a result of gentrification, which increasingly pushes less affluent residents towards the outskirts or even out of the city. The metropolitan area is struggling with segregation and socio-economic inequality, a development which has become all the more urgent today. Following the tragic incidents of November 13 that are engraved in our collective memory of Paris, the need for an inclusive policy has never been more pressing.

Meanwhile, the last year the French government has made the news several times for notable and innovative legislative changes, such as the ban on food waste for supermarkets that was unanimously accepted by the national government, or the requirement for new buildings in commercial districts to have at least solar panels or a green roof. Paris’ Mayor Anne Hidalgo, in office since 2014, is rethinking the governance of the metropolis by launching a participatory budgeting programme that puts the decision making over 5% of the city hall’s budget directly in the hands of Parisian citizens. Things seem to be changing in Paris, as the city moves towards a more sustainable and socially inclusive urban policy, making way for the manifold citizen driven initiatives that have interfered in the public sphere where the government wasn’t always that present.

What will the Metropolitan Field Trip entail?

With a broad perspective on transition and social innovation in urban development we will study Paris as a city and a metropolis. We will meet local City Makers, professional peers, residents, entrepreneurs, and study the small-scale, often informal urban interventions.

Find the preliminary programme on the Pakhuis de Zwijger event page.


La Petite Ceinture © nnewman4

Find the preliminary programme on the Pakhuis de Zwijger event page.

The Metropolitan Field Trip to Paris is organized by Pakhuis de Zwijger, in cooperation with Cap ou Pas Cap? and partners Deltametropolis AssociationStipo, Inspiring Cities and AIR.

Why should you join the Field Trip to Paris?

Because you are (actively) engaged in the transition of cities, or urban development in general. You want to broaden your horizon and witness how things are done elsewhere in Europe. You want to meet new people within your field of interest or profession, and want to establish sustainable (inter)national contacts. And first and foremost, you want to get a unique perspective on Paris, in the company of an inspiring group of peers and have the practicalities fully taken care off.

Practical information & Booking

The costs for the Metropolitan Field Trip are € 700,- per person. This includes: hotel (3 nights), breakfast, lunch and diner, local transport, tours and presentations.

Participants are responsible for booking their own transportation to and from Paris.

To join this unique Metropolitan Field Trip, please sign up here:


Would you like to ask some questions? Call us through +31 20 624 63 80 or send an e-mail to Charlot Schans.


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