Sat 12 Mar 2016 until Sun 15 Mar 2015

Metropolitan Field Trip Lisbon

Community building as a form of resilience
Sat 12 Mar 2016 until Sun 15 Mar 2015

Join us on this four-day field trip through Lisbon with your professional peers and meet the City Makers of Lisbon. 

Thinking of the city of Lisbon evokes a colourful image of a rich cultural heritage, yellow trams winding uphill through its narrow streets, the beautiful views over orange tiled roofs and Tagus river with the remarkable red cast iron bridge, Fado singers and musicians, and the hospitality of the Portuguese people.

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However, the economic crisis has brought, especially in recent years, serious difficulties for the society. Basic needs such as food, housing, health or education are being jeopardized, and people don’t have any other choice than to rely on each other, and organize themselves. This has given rise to communitarian initiatives, whose main objectives are to address the existing social gaps. Because whereas the city may face high unemployment rates, disproportionate costs for livelihood and the consequential increasing wariness towards local politics, a vital community of active citizens is trying to make a change. Local organizer Academia Cidadã (The Citizenship Academy) beliefs that where politics are sometimes difficult to change, much can be done to empower citizens to take matters into their own hands. Their main goal is to boost active citizenship and promote growth and development with principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

What will the Metropolitan Field Trip entail?

With a broad perspective on transition and social innovation in urban development we will study Lisbon as a city and a metropolis. We will meet local City Makers, professional peers, residents, entrepreneurs, to study the small-scale, often informal urban interventions.

During a four-day programme full of on-site visits to inspiring initiatives and community organizations, industrial heritage sites and co-working spaces, cultural events and a conference for Lisbon City Makers,  we aim:

  • to understand how building and organizing community improves the conditions of everyone’s lives
  • to learn and analyze innovative tools for building and organizing community

What is the meaning of active citizenship and community participation in addressing poverty and exclusion? How do citizens’ initiatives enhance solidarity among people, give them a voice, empower them, and therefore make them more resilient?

These and many more questions will be addressed during the Metropolitan Field Trip to Lisbon!

© Salamandra Dourada

Preliminary programme

Metropolitan Field Trip Lisbon programme booklet

The programme will include visits to:

Cozinha Popular da Mouraria: a communal kitchen meant to exchange ideas, disseminate cultures, cooking, experience, share, gather the family, travel through the world and more

Salamandra Dourada: an organization for socio-cultural, creative and educational activities to promote diversity and train young children and adults in becoming complete citizens

LX Factory: a former industry building refurbished in a restaurant, cultural centre and co-working space for small creative and social companies

© LX Factory

Rés-do-Chão: a project to revitalize the ground floors of buildings that stayed vacant, in order to bring live back to the city

Horta FCUL: a multidisciplinary community engaging in urban gardening and agriculture, on the basis of applying principles of permaculture in the city

Renovar a Mouraria: a community organization to revitalize the Mouraria neighbourhood through activities with the local population to boost the Moorish quarter to cultural, social, economic and tourism levels, contributing to the effective improvement of local living conditions

..and much more!

© Renovar a Mouraria

The Metropolitan Field Trip to Lisbon is organized by Amsterdam based platform Pakhuis de Zwijger, Deltametropolis Association, Stipo, Inspiring Cities and AIR together with local partner Academia Cidadã (The Citizenship Academy) in Lisbon.

Why should you join the Field Trip to Lisbon?

Because you are somewhat actively engaged in the transition of cities, or urban development in general. You want to broaden your horizon and witness how things are done elsewhere in Europe. You want to meet new people within your field of interest or profession, and want to establish sustainable (inter)national contacts. And first and foremost, you want to get a unique perspective on Lisbon, gain this in the company of an inspiring group of peers and have the practicalities fully taken care off.

Who will join the Metropolitan Field Trip?

Questions & registration

Would you like to ask some questions before you register for the Field Trip. Call us through +31 20 624 63 80 or send an e-mail to Charlot Schans.

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