What is citiesintransition.eu?

In short; New Europe – Cities in Transition is a platform that illuminates social innovation and transition in Europe. Citiesintransition.eu provides each European capital with a home page, for local reporters to publish on what is happening in their city. It is a platform that focuses on exchanging and sharing knowledge and experiences between City Makers. Our platform seeks to inspire, learn, and create a momentum for local, bottom-up initiatives throughout Europe that seek to innovate and transform their urban surrounding. Each city will have its own page where City Embassies form an editorial team that monitors the publication of stories by contributors.

What is a City Maker?

City Makers are people who contribute to build and co-create their city in order to increase the livability, mostly from the bottom-up. They can be active citizens, but also participating professionals, government officials, administrators, scientists, (social) entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises, companies, the creative industries, research- and educational institutions.

What is a City Embassy?

A City Embassy is a hub for exchanging experience and knowledge about the city in transition, both on a local as an international level. The City Embassy supports an on- and offline playground for City Makers and provides the opportunity to meet participators from different backgrounds and disciplines.

How do I join?

1. Become a member of our (Dutch/European) Facebook group of City Makers. This is platform for questions to and for one another, and features our online video tutorials.
2. Register at Citiesintransition.eu, this will enable you to place tips on the website. Here you can update your profile with a photo, your title and links to your LinkedIn.
3. Become a City Ambassador and open your own City Embassy! Interested? Get in contact with us: cityambassadors@citiesintransition.eu.

What is a decentralized editorial model?

In short, our decentralized editorial model looks like:
1.  The Subscribers (The readers)
2. The Contributors (The local reporters)
3. The Authors (The City Ambassadors)
4. The Editors

If you are a reader and you would like to tip the editors every once in a while, please become a subscriber. Let’s say you are sharing your tips more often and are eager to actually write about your city, why not becoming a real contributor? With this role you are able to write your own pieces. And what if you are writing more and more on a frequent basis, it might be a good idea to become an author, a.k.a. a real City Ambassador who has the responsibility of the entire local editorial team of contributors. The Editors will be responsible of publishing articles, this is different for each city and depend on your own input and capabilities.

What is the difference between writing and publishing?

When you write for your city as a local city reporter you contribute to your city’s page (you are a contributor). When you finish a story and submit it, authors will see your contribution and decide when your content will be published. This has everything to do with maintaining a frequent publishing structure.

In what formats can I contribute?

Our website has six standard formats:
1. The Interview features City Makers and shines light on their thoughts on the city and how they affect its transition (approx. 300 words).
2. The City Report is a blog-style story on an initiative happening in the city (approx. 300 words).
3. The Place features interesting places in the city (features geo data and contact info).
4. The Tip is short like a tweet and features a few lines and a link.
5. The Publication can feature interesting articles, inspiration and developments not necessarily related to a person or place (e.g.: book, documentary, application etc.).
6. The Event features interesting events, they will automatically added to the agenda (feature link to the event and image).

A seventh format is the Vcard. This is an online business card accompanies relevant City Reports, Events and Interviews (features public contact information).

How can I share a tip?

Easy! Go to the homepage and scroll down until you’ll see the yellow button ‘Tip the editors’. A box will pop up and you’ll be able to share your interesting tips. Make sure you are logged in first.

I am a commercial initiative, can I join or contribute to the platform?

Our platform is designed to inspire City Makers throughout Europe, we want to create a place where people can learn and educate one another. We are not a marketing platform to promote commercial activities. However, this doesn’t mean a bottom-up initiative isn’t allowed to have a financially sustainable business model underlying their idealism. Local City Embassies make sure that the platform is used first and foremost for inspirational purposes. Feel free to tip the editors via the yellow button on the homepage!