Thu 18 May 2017 until Sun 21 May 2017 The Living Village Festival, Dalfsen

The Living Village Festival

The Dutch experimental festival about new ways of self-sufficient life is looking for volunteers!
Thu 18 May 2017 until Sun 21 May 2017
The Living Village Festival
Brinkweg 36 B , 7722 VA Dalfsen
Entrance: € 22,50 to 82,50

The Greenman Project is working on the realization of the world’s first village in which houses and all other constructions are entirely built of living trees. The village is a pilot project serving as an example for similar projects around the world. The 4-day festival is all about creating this new living village.

With amongst others:

  • Workshops and lectures on off-grid and self-sufficient life
  • Experiences and workshops on living trees architecture
  • Atelier with creative building projects
  • Temple grounds with ceremonies, sauna and massage
  • Future lab with new technology and inventions

The Greenman Project

We live in today’s society on too big a foot: we are exhausting the earth, depleting oil stocks and producing far too much waste. The Greenman Project has a vision of a more natural way of life, with balance between man and nature and a construction method that contributes to reforestation instead of deepening our landscape. Nature thus becomes an integral part of our environment.

Living building is a new ecological way of building, in which living trees form the structure. And combines vertical horticulture with arbosculpture. The functional constructions are supported by modern technology to meet the demands of today’s society.

Would you like to volunteer?

The Living Village Festival is looking for volunteers! As a volunteer you will not only have the chance to build and participate in this project, but you will also learn about Off-Grid, self-sustainability and innovative ways of building while volunteering! For example: How do you build compost toilets, or how to lay out solar energy grids.

You will get free entrance to the entire festival including campsite, and two organic meals a day. All volunteers work 2 shifts of 3 hours a day, for 3 days, so you will also have enough time to enjoy the festival!

Interested? Send an email to

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