Fri 27 May 2016 until Mon 30 May 2016 Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

New Europe City Makers Summit

Together we create the city of tomorrow, starting today.
Fri 27 May 2016 until Mon 30 May 2016
Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 179 , 1019HC Amsterdam
Free admission, reservation required

We Meet. We Connect. We Learn. We Act.

City Makers unite and get ready for four days full of inspiration, unlocking know-how and setting agendas on May 27-30.

Find the full programme and registration here.

City Makers Summit

The City Makers Summit pools the knowledge from City Makers all over Europe and demonstrates innovative ways of creating more liveable, thriving, resilient and inclusive cities. City Expeditions all over the Netherlands will showcase emerging initiatives focusing on urban farming, social design, the redevelopment of industrial heritage, co-housing, the makers movement, social entrepreneurship, inclusion of refugees, collaborative area development, community enterprises, the circular economy, and so on. Best practices and models of collaboration with multiple stakeholders will be explored and feed into the City Makers Agenda.

While the EU member states conclude upon the EU Urban Agenda with the Pact of Amsterdam, City Makers will pay their contribution, share inspiration and know-how, present their input and work towards further co-creation. Join us, and together we will enhance the (Im)pact of Amsterdam.

Register here!

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