Mon 24 Apr 2017, 8:00PM Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

Let’s Talk digital | SXSW Reunion

Talkshow about the latest digital projects and start-ups, with a.o. Lava Lab, Augmenting Alice, Minibrew, Nick Verstand & New Dutch Wave.
Mon 24 Apr 2017, 8:00PM
Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 179 , 1019 HC Amsterdam
Free admission, reservation required

Did you also experience a little bit of Social Media jealousy last month, seeing your timeline being filled with pictures of the latest trends and innovations, the newest gear, art, music, celebs and other weirdness? Every March, tens of thousands of tech influencers and innovators, corporate hacks and computer hackers, regulators and reporters descend on Austin for SXSW Interactive, an interdisciplinary festival to celebrate and discuss the power of business, technology, and design to drive economic, environmental and social change. If you missed it, don’t worry. We invited some of the Dutch highlights to fill you in on their projects and the trends in their business.

Let's Talk Digital

With among others:

Lava Lab

Lava Lab is a design and technology innovation lab in Amsterdam, a creative space for experimenting and researching new opportunities in design, storytelling, and technology. Klasien van de Zandschulp is one of the co-founders of Lava Lab. Her projects include the first virtual (augmented) festival Zo Niet, Dan Toch, the location and object-based storytelling platform HearUsHere, the gamified silent disco platform DuoDisco, and the smartphone applications iPerform for Van Gogh Museum and #GoldenAge for Amsterdam Museum. Together with Lava, she organises the monthly Interactive Storytelling Meetup in Amsterdam. At SXSW, Klasien took part in a panel to talk about about augmented reality and documentary stories. How can technology like AR enrich our social experiences? Klasien will share her thoughts and some of her personal favourites spotted at SXSW 2017.

Lava-Lab part of Lava a creative agency based in Amsterdam is made up of interdisciplinary designers who are working to develop technological interactions

Nick Verstand

Who is in for Nick Verstand, can rejoice an explosion of live interactions, light, visuals, colours and sound effects, which add up to out-of-this-world experiences. As an artist, Nick explores how science and technology affect human perception and consciousness. With his installations being co-creations of the artist, object ánd the audience, Nick’s intuitive surroundings trigger exploration and (social) interaction. His large-scale installation POLARISwhich premiered last year during ADE, makes participants in the audience part of the experience by inviting them to wear EEG headsets and bio-signal sensors. His work is exhibited worldwide in museums, creative venues, and festivals.  After words of praise at SWSX 2016 for ANIMA – an interactive installation that investigates communication between humans and artificial intelligence – Nick was reinvited this year to be part of the SXSW Art Program 2017. The eight-meter high light sculpture POV (Point of View), which he created together with Nikki Hock and Pandalis Diamantides, challenged the visitors to alter their perceptions and experiment with sensory overload. How is technology able to mediate our perception?

Augmenting Alice

Galit Ariel, self-proclaimed digital hippie, is a creative and strategic thinker with international leadership experience in industrial design, retail & fashion, and education. Throughout her studies, she examined the development and implementation strategies of technology through a user-focused cultural and societal lens. The thesis she wrote for her MA Design Management is focused on Augmented Reality (AR), which is fast becoming one of the most important emerging technologies, with unprecedented investment growth and interest from big tech platforms and accelerator industries. Based on the outcome of her thesis, her book Augmenting Alice will be published in May 2017,  in which Galit provides a ‘wide lens’  perspective of the potential, challenges, and impact that the widespread implementation of AR will bring. What might its application – and eventual impact – mean for society in the near future, and how can we make it contribute to a better world?

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How can one democratise the beer space? MiniBrew gives every beer lover the power to produce industry standard craft beers, by blending fundamental laws of brewing with intelligent software and Dutch design. MiniBrew is build among the first digital brew DNA in the world and stimulates brewing ingenuity and local neighbourhood industries. The semi-automated system – about as big as an espresso machine – does the brewing, chilling, filtering, fermentation and cooling down for you while bringing down the global carbon footprint of craft beer with a record-breaking 30%. Using Internet of Things technology, just pick out a recipe in the app on your mobile device and let MiniBrew do its thing. The startup recently raised $339,595 on Indiegogo, making it available for the consumer market by the end of 2017. Co-founder Olivier van Oord will talk about how he is living his boyhood dreams while his 2-year old startup is taking the world by storm.

Growing MiniBrew community, with over 200+ people ©MiniBrew

New Dutch Wave

New Dutch Wave is a new international movement to celebrate top notch Dutch creativity and entrepreneurship abroad. NDW launched at SXSW17, hosting a booth during the ‘interactive’ track and a takeover of two venues (Barbarella & Swan Dive) with a diverse programme that included a series of keynote talks by thought leaders, as well as panels, workshops, an art installation and fun product demos. NDW is a platform designed to inspire, connect and generate new business. In short: it’s THE place where Dutch entrepreneurs, creatives, start-ups, artists, as well as the Dutch government and our smartest cities can present themselves to a relevant international audience. Martijn Been illustrates why the Dutch are a leading example in the digital and start-up industry and shares some of his highlights at SXSW.

©New Dutch Wave

Remember the dial-up noise got you all excited? We have come a long way since ARPANET, the CYCLADES and the Mark I network… Let’s Talk Digital is Pakhuis de Zwijger’s bimestrial talkshow about the latest projects and start-ups in internet technology, digital design and the creative arts. Expect digital businesses, websites, podcasts, digital advertising and apps: who is making (or breaking) the internet today and redefining society? Drop by to hear industry experts, technology innovators and digital disruptors talk about the latest trends, their practices, and their best tactics.
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