Thu 29 Sep 2016, 5:00PM Centro Cultural Benjamín Carrión, Quito

Fabrica Ciudad #4: Greening the City

Great ideas for happier and healthier urban spaces
Thu 29 Sep 2016, 5:00PM
Centro Cultural Benjamín Carrión
Jorge Washington E2-42 y Ulpiano Páez , Quito
Free admission, reservation required

Green spaces in cities are the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle of its citizens. They provide places for recreation and sports and an opportunity to escape the endless buzz of urban life. Inner-city green cleans the air of the CO2 emissions caused by traffic, and contributes to the cities’ resilience by providing permeable and rainproof surfaces.

In many cities the availability of green spaces is however challenged by densification, necessary to answer the growing demand for urban space as a result of rapid urbanization. While outward expansion and urban sprawl often further impedes the infrastructure, causing traffic jams by increasing the use of private cars to commute between inner-city business districts and the suburbs. Luckily there are a plenty of alternative opportunities to provide access to green spaces, and rethink the use of natural resources in the city.

In and around Quito there are numerous initiatives, that aim for a greener, more sustainable or even circular city. Whether we talk about urban agriculture, public green spaces, upcycling or reducing air pollution through the use of cycling instead of cars, on September 29 we invite all City Makers with green hands and plans to share their ideas and learn.

Involved city makers
Pedro Kingman
Urban gardener at OPUS
Veronica Arias
Secretaria de Ambiente - Municipio de Quito
Antonio Portilla
FUI Reciclado
Pablo Ramirez
El JapiAwer
Herman Weeda
Visual storyteller at Fabrica Ciudad
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