Fri 2 Sep 2016, 16.00 hs Centro Cultural Benjamín Carrión, Quito

Fabrica Ciudad #1: Viva Habitat, Viva Quito!

City Makers share their inspiring plans towards Habitat III, and exchange ideas and know-how.
Fri 2 Sep 2016, 16.00 hs
Centro Cultural Benjamín Carrión
Jorge Washington E2-42 y Ulpiano Páez , Quito
Free admission, reservation required

The third edition of Habitat brings something new to its host city Quito. For the first time UN-Habitat called for participation of Member States, civil society organisations and relevant stakeholders to contribute to the urban environment outside of the conference area, in what has became Habitat Village.

An excellent chance to showcase the New Urban Agenda in practice, because the selected proposals brought about the most interesting initiatives that promote sustainable urban development in neighbourhoods throughout the city. Not surprisingly, a lot of the successful proposals for Habitat Village came from City Makers in Quito, who work day to day to better the livability of their own city. They came up with plans to enliven public spaces, experiment with community-driven development and co-creation, prioritize cycling over the use of private cars, and so on. Habitat III is a good way to demonstrate what the opportunities of sustainable urban development are for the city of Quito. Who are these City Makers, and what are their plans?

The first edition of Fabrica Ciudad invites all City Makers in Quito to share their inspiring plans towards Habitat III, and exchange ideas and know-how. Join us and find out all about how Habitat III will bring live to Quito!

El cambio nace en el corazón del mundo? (Vive Habitat III)

With amongst others: Juan Baquerizo (OPUS La Mariscal), Pablo Ramírez (El JapiAwer), Jimena Romero (LINQ), Fernanda Esquetini (CUI) and Magdalena Santeli (EcuArt).


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Involved city makers
Juan Baquerizo
OPUS La Mariscal
Pablo Ramirez
El JapiAwer
Jimena Romero
Laboratorio de Innovación Quito (LINQ)
Magdalena Santeli
Fernanda Esquitini
Colectivo Urbano Itinerante (CUI)
M Emilia Jaramillo
Charlot Schans
Project leader New Europe at Pakhuis de Zwijger
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