Wed 21 Jun 2017, 7:30PM Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

Bike & City | Stories on two wheels

What does the bicycle mean to you? Jump on your bike for an evening full of inspirational cycle stories.
Wed 21 Jun 2017, 7:30PM
Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 179 , 1019 HC Amsterdam
Free admission, reservation required

Whether you are going to work, to school or visiting friends and family, the bicycle is the everyday Dutch mode of transport. However, for many, the bicycle is more than just a means to get from A to B. It is also a way to meet new people, become more aware of your environment and reflect on yourself. From a pilgrimage to Mecca to a heart-shaped bicycle route through New York on the day of the US presidential election, this thirteenth episode of Bike & City we share bicycle stories and experiences. What role does the bicycle have in them? How does it contribute to enlarging our experiences?

With among others:

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Deen Travellers

The May holidays are a popular time among Muslims to go to Mecca for the small pilgrimage. Every year millions of Muslims get on the plane on their way to Saudi Arabia. In the past winter, the Deen Travellers cycled from Maassluis to Mecca in twelve weeks. On a wooden bicycle. On their way they stayed over at as many people as possible. It was a personal pilgrimage, but also a way to draw attention to sustainability. Rudy van der Aar en Mohammed Kechouh tell us how they asked attention for sustainability and why they got on the wooden bicycle.


British film-maker Stuart Acker Holt cycled a heart around New York on the day of, and day after the presidential election while interviewing voters. He has made similar routes in Amsterdam and in London and his projects focus on finding paths of interconnections. His documentary I HEART USA was to record the thoughts of voters after a gruelling campaign. However, the outcome was not what he expected.

Life Cycle Stories

Anne Pekelharing has three passions: cooking, traveling and cycling. In her road movie series Life Cycle Stories she combines these three great passions. On her race bike she cycles from North- to South-Europe. On her way she meets locals, farmers and craftsmen to talk about traditions and (food)culture. By sharing small unique stories behind sustainable food production, she is hoping to inspire people in a positive way.


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