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Overbooking the City
An international urban design workshop in Dubrovnik, 20th-26th August 2017.
Overbooking the City offers participants an intensive 7-day programme consisting of studio teamwork, fieldwork research, and lectures, complemented with parallel public and social events. Within an ever-more interconnected world the impacts of the transient flows of global tourism on urban societies, economies, nature, and the built environment, are both more intense and more diverse. They range from the prices of goods and the distribution of economic activity to the demographic mix and the operation of the land market. In particular, in a climate of inter-city competition towards uniqueness and authenticity, cities, such as Dubrovnik, that can claim the quality of being ‘historic’, re-brand themselves. This image of the city re-orders the city itself; global tourism both redirects the local urban development process and (ab)uses vital local resources for its own unsustainable maintenance and future growth. For local urban communities the risk is not only becoming subservient to the flows and ebbs of global tourism, losing their own self-generated vitality and particularity, but also less self-reliant and resilient in the face of future adversities. Making use of design and policy tools for shaping and managing space we shall aim to critically and analytically examine the effects of tourism on the city and to propose tailor-made urban design and policy solutions through which the relative advantages of Dubrovnik as a tourist destination can be used in a way that can benefit local communities and strengthen the city’s long-term socio-economic and environmental sustainability. The workshop is open to undergraduate students near the end of their studies, PhD candidates, and young professionals, in architecture, urban design, planning, and fields related to place-making and urban development. Feeling inspired? You can access the application form here. Overbooking the City is a project by Urban Transcripts in partnership with PLACA collective for spatial research and with the support of the City of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Architects Association and the University of Split – Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy.
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