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Different City Experience: Streets do not have to be only a place for cars!

Different City Experience is a series of street celebrations, taking place as part of the European Mobility Week, which aims to make Europeans aware of the advantages of sustainable transportation and development. Due to the intensive city traffic, public space is today often perceived as a non-place for people’s  cultural activities. The initiative tries to integrate several ideas based on experiences coming from all over the word to invigorate public spaces in the city. The basic idea of streets celebration is to turn streets and public space into places of cultural and social life, places for the community to meet and inspire them to care about their neighborhood.

No-car-zones are created throughout the city, which, with the cooperation of locals, change into a meeting spot for neighbors, organizations, and local businesses. Local residents and visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or homemade cake outside, sit down at places where they usually only are allowed for cars, chat with their friends or watch local theater performances. The options for activities are unlimited – music and artistic performances, workshops, seminars, picnics, games for children etc. The aim is not to pay for expensive and professional production. The event is based on voluntary and active participation of local residents.

Auto*Mat initiative is behind the organisation of Different City Experience, together with local organisers. The event takes place only in one day, but aims to show how another view of public spaces can be conceive for future plans. The process gives place to people to actively participate on local community development, with the emphasis on sustainable development and community cooperation.

Different city experience seeks to increase the interest of residents as well as make people aware of potencial places in which they would never hang out. The initiative tries to consolidate and stregthen constructive cooperation between different players within local societies.

Would you like to participate? Check the programe on Facebook or Contact them on their Website!

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