WeShare Dublin

Gift economy community group sharing skills, knowledge, practical support, ideas, time, in a money-free environment

WeShare, as the name points out, is a gift economy community in Dublin who aims reconnect people in their communities by providing guidance in an online platform. Through this network they share skills, knowledge, practical support, ideas, etc. You can ask about anything!

You can ask for an old sofa, guitar lessons or lend of a book. You can even ask if someone has a spare rocketship if you like. It doesn’t really matter what you ask for. Just ask! (WeShare Dublin)

Among the main principles:

  • Give, swap, lend, teach, learn with each other – and all for free
  • Inspire, connect, support and equip each other to create local initiatives that strengthen ourselves and community
  • Create friendships and cooperative practices locally
  • Encourage random acts of kindness to become the basis of human interaction.
  • Be part of a growing worldwide movement for a more sustainable and caring world.

Source: Facebook © WeShareDublin3Group

But it is not all about the platform. Weshare Dublin engages the community to be part of several activities and meet ups. One of them was the Dublin Made Me Market where they exhibited their Falling Fruit Project – pressing apple juice and making compost. Their next project entails creating a plot at Bridgefoot Street Community Garden  where they will grow, nurture and share delicious organic food collaborating with  The Dublin Food Co-op.

Do you have something to give, to lend or to exchange? Get in touch on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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