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First, we make the cities, then the cities make us. The places we live and work have a big impact on our lives, and those places are usually in the city. Globally, more and more people are living in urban areas. The city calls, seduces, connects and fosters creativity. Yet the city can also divide, pollute and exhaust. The urban environment poses challenging questions, and we should never stop engaging with answers. As Amsterdam is one of the leading European cities in urban innovation, in 2018 the city will be one of the most important meeting places for urban enthusiasts during WeMakeThe.City. Between 20th-24th of June, this festival will explore the multiple strands that make the city a key building block of the global economy.

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WeMakeThe.City – who, what, why, when, how?

food for thought

Air, water, space, hustle and bustle – the conditions that shape the metropolis. How smart is your city? Do you already have enough robots nearby? How to improve the connectivity with surrounding cities, villages and the land around the city? What about the ‘micro’ levels of the city, the diversity of workers, their working spaces and the sub-economies involved? How to keep the balance between world economy and local business?

What about the issue of ‘place’ in urban policies and the loss of neighbourhoods that represent local residents’ experiences? How can different cities form a metropolis? How we can become self-sufficient as a city? How the Amsterdam harbour is developing towards a circular economy? How human waste is turned into bio gas?

A lot of questions, but they allow us to see the multiplicity of cultures and economies in which cities are embedded. At the end of the day, who owns the city?

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The Amsterdam Approach

Amsterdam proves that intensive cooperation creates an ideal and unique city climate to make and try urban solutions. It is a climate in which the people make the city together. Really together. So it is not only the planners, professionals and experts that take part in decision-making processes. Also the change makers, the poets and the dreamers take part in city-making. So everyone that works and lives in the city. The ‘Amsterdam Approach’ stimulates initiative and fosters innovation.

WeMakeThe.City brings together all the creators and thinkers, the audience and the nerds. WeMakeThe.City is for all the residents, companies, scientists, specialists, directors, but also for designers, artists, tech startups, civil society organisations, local and regional initiatives. We address the urgent challenges of everyday life in the city of Amsterdam, the Metropolitan region of Amsterdam, other European cities and the rest of the world. Ambitious! But with 180 nationalities living in the city, we already have the world within our metropolitan area.

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Count on everything that gives new ideas and insights to city-making at dozens of locations throughout Amsterdam and the metropolitan area: lectures, film shows, exhibitions, city expeditions, games, workshops, expert meetings, discussions, labs, open studios, workshops and an active weekend.

Feeling inspired? Check the video below, and see you in 2018!

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