Visual impression of Fabrica Ciudad #4

What citizens can do to green Quito

The fourth edition of Fabrica Ciudad on September 29. was about greening the city. We invited two City Makers who are working in their own way to improve the liveability of Quito. After the presentations and some questions we entered a so-called ‘World Cafe’ to further elaborate on DIY ways of greening the city of Quito. Just like the previous sessions, the event took place at Centro Cultural Benjamin Carrion.

The first one to speak was Antonio Portilla. Together with his colleagues he started FUI reciclado, a design company that re-uses materials like rubber and bill-board sheets to design and produce accessories like wallets. Their aim is to get the materials from the neighbourhood, produce in the neighbourhood and also sell the products locally in the neighbourhood in order to up-cycle materials that would have otherwise become waste.

The second speaker was Pedro Kingman. He works as an urban gardener for OPUS la Mariscal. In Quito, with its small side walks and high altitude, it is not so easy to get trees to grown. But Pedro told us about the Arupo, a native tree with beautiful pink blossom that lives perfectly in places like Quito. Together with OPUS he is working hard to get more trees into the city.

Next, all the participants moved to the other part of the auditory for an interactive discussion in the format of the World Cafe (three tables, packed in white paper to write and sketch on, each with a different question and after ten minutes moving on to the next table). During these discussion we explored what we (as inhabitants of Quito) already do to green Quito, what we could do better and what we could expect from our local neighbourhood. It was a good way to further explore the theme and exchange interesting thoughts.

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