Transition tales

On the pursuit of novelty

‘Follow the yellow-brick road’

Dorothy did not reach the Land of Oz alone. On her path, she came to know various characters, understood their strenghts, weaknesses and with their help, she was able to finish her journey.

What this story teaches us is that in order to reach our goal, we need to work together and learn from each other. This moral is key for understanding the transitions which occur in cities nowadays.

The number of City Makers is growing and so is the number of urban initiatives. Following the New Europe City Makers Summit (27th – 30th May) held by Pakhuijs de Zwijger, which brought together City Makers from 150 cities, it is evident that collaboration and sharing ideas are key elements on the path to democratic urban innovation. The technocratic approach to planning is changing towards a participatory viewpoint. ‘Empowerment’ vs. ‘Responsabilty’, ‘Equality’, ‘Active citizenship’, these are just some of the topics which are currently discussed in a more frequent manner in policy debates and urban agendas all over the world.

The idea behind ‘Transition Tales’ is to discover best practices examples and have the opportunity to listen and learn from various perspectives (mayors, city makers, academics).

 The stories

 The stories we present reside at the intersection of planning, culture, politics and economics. We introduce a series of weekly uploads from a number of sources (conferences, interviews, summits), that offer a better image on the way cities are changing and what are the ideas behind this transitioning.

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