Half the Bike, Twice the Ride

A new bike design brings back play and human scale

While one might remember Amsterdam as the city of 9 million bicycles, in Sofia, the concept of bike is being reinvented – and it’s working.

The Halfbike concept was created in 2010 by architects Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov, who shared a passion for biking and happened to study architecture together. An architectural competition spiked their imagination and soon they were designing a new vehicle based on the bicycle, resulting in a dozen prototypes and eventually, the launch of the Halfbike in 2014. Now, hundreds of Halfbikes are being shipped all over the world.

The Halfbike is a lightweight minimized standing up bike that is locally made in the workshop in Sofia. The design has taken the core driving mechanism of a classical bicycle, and changed basically everything around it. The result is “a vehicle that trains your balace and reflexes in a complete new way”.

Halfbike is part of Kolelinia, a startup company founded by Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov, and ever in search for alternative transport systems. They are convinced that in a time of technological leaps and efficiency, the human scale and the joy of play should not be lost. “We miss the joy of travel, the human scale, and the variety and believe there is a great potential for smarter human powered vehicles, and we are committed to prove it!”





Involved city makers
Martin Angelov
Halfbike creator, founder of Koleninia
Mihail Klenov
Halfbike creator and co-founder of Kolelinia
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