Sustainable human development

Inclusive recycling + human ecology

Having a coffee with the neighborhood and generating collective cultural environmental discussion topics, that’s what Japi Awer is about. Reduce, reuse and inclusive recycling were the topics of the discussion that took place at the Administración Zonal de Quitumbe.


New information, new friends.

Gathered all around in a circle, the neighbours and assistants from the South part of Quito, presented themselves.

Angelo, one of the directives of the Administration Zonal, talked about implementing community services, doing commonwealth projects which are dynamic and inclusive, and also giving them “micro credits”. Through this, the Administration is trying to reach a sustainable human development. The work is carried out through public fairs in the neighbourhood, promoting this kind of services and thus to improving Quitumbe.

Elvia, who is in charge of the Nuevo Amanecer association that started since 2006, said that recycling has changed her life. At first, she was embarrassed about been a recycler, but now she’s proud about it. She said that recycling allowed her to travel and achieved some of her goals.

Maria Fernanda, the representative of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) said that in Ecuador, the department of Environmental Management is the only one existing around the world. They were in charge of the Waste Management plan for Santa Cruz in Galapagos since 2006. Now the goal is reached, 100% of the waste being collected and then 40% handled as compost. The plan is a success.

Everybody’s voice

Quitumbre recyclers

After enjoying  some delicious desserts and  coffee with “el barrio” (the neighborhood), there were formed groups in order to hear everybody’s opinion. The recyclers explained the process of their work; the neighbors had some questions about recycling and they explained how help can be provided with collecting at home.

We arrived at the Administración Zonal as strangers and at the end of the Japi Awer, we felt like we were one of the neighbors of Quitumbe, part of a community. 


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