Street Feast!

A new national event to celebrate community

In 2016 another edition  of Street Feast will be held in different cities simultaneously around Ireland. What a great occasion to share and meet the people who live near you! The feast can be celebrated anywhere, in the street, in local parks or in front of your own garden.

Volunteers aware of the continuos isolation, environmental impact and lost of community resilience, decided to gather and reformulate a new way to cut down these main problems. The solution came shaped by the idea of creating a national day where all inhabitants could meet and share experiences.

why should we reclaim out street for such celebration?

  •  To Celebrate local community
  • To encourage more life on the streets, feel safer and reduce loneliness and isolation.
  • To share: local food, home grown produce, stories, useful tools, jokes, common ground, etc.
  • To show what a bunch of people together can achieve united as a community
  • To stop for a moment and have fun!

Check the following gallery with Street Feasts around Ireland:

So, be ready the next 12th of June around 12noon! Would you like to promote your own Street Feast? Get in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter!!

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