Spore Project

Response to social issues and environment.

It was born two years ago when Torno Co lab settled down in Francisco Hernández Girón st. This street was always a quick way to connect two main streets of Quito, it is a four-lane street only used as parking area. After months of being part of it and seeing unhealthiness and security problems, they organized a reunion to get to know the people who live there.

Even though the people on the zone have lived together for decades they didn’t know each other, and now in the project are participating fifteen families, plus the commerce and Borja 3 School.

They needed to understand why they didn’t know each other, and the rivalry between the neighbors. Several meetings were given by dissolving the tensions and beginning to propose initiatives to solve the problems of the community.

The Spore project appeared and its purpose is to be replicated as many times as it can be, in that way the solutions and improvements not only belong and work for the Francisco Hernández street. They demonstrate that the public space is appropriable. The collaboration and constancy of the people is crucial to this project, the organization keeps people together in search of improvements for the common good.

Through meetings to identify problems, the community created an urban replicable recipe, consisting of the steps that have worked for the neighborhood like: understand everyday life and know each other; identify what the real problem is, in this case not interacting between them. Together they identify problems like garbage, rush hour traffic, and the giant wall of the school Borja 3.

The solution was to see the problem as a resource, in this case not having public space or green areas; and the existence of a wall that its primary function was to disconnect. It was solved by organizing different activities in order to use the car space for residents, such as music, theater, films projection and urban mapping. Everything happened at the wall of the school . They have done until now 8 public events. The result: people living the street with gradual events for the neighbors.


Spore Prototype Project – Habitat Village.

This intervention is the latest project from the community, it’s part of the Habitat Village. And is going to be developed on the week of Habitat III, the main date is on 19th of October.

The group takes this opportunity as the time to propose and test ideas, what is special about this project is that it already existed. The project was presented to the municipality through Habitat III. And it’s going to demonstrate with a portion of this project that a neighborhood can work in many different ways.

The intent of this intervention is a little larger than their previous events. The problem was clear and the proposal is to take one rail of the street, generate activity and green areas for the neighborhood, without denying the parking. This linear park was designed as a mini parks system defined by the parking lot for minibuses serving the school, and others who are protected behind them.

The main factors of this proposal are the need for parking and mobility, and the function of the school in the neighborhood.

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