Reusing Dublin

Help them map Dublin's disused and derelict spaces

Did you realise how many vacant spaces\ buildings your city has? Do you have any information about them?  Do you have any ideas for redeveloping them? Reusing Dublin is making sure empty spaces become reusable.

The aim of the initiative is to map underused/vacant spaces in the city so that they might be used for something more beneficial for the community (urban farming, creative spaces, co-working spaces, etc). You are welcome to spot a place  indicating your creative ideas about how it could be improved and reused.

This experimental research project is part of a wider EU project called TURAS (Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability). TURAS intends to bring “Urban communities and businesses together with local authorities and researchers to collaborate on developing practical new solutions for more sustainable and resilient European cities”.

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According to the website, once you click on a location, a window will open, asking you to enter a description of the place you selected. Immediately, you will be asked to enter a brief description\information of the place you found and also to give some suggestions about how the space could be restated. By following each step, the website creates a network of people who might be interested in the same vacant spaces. This innovative way of sharing could help to implement a new view regarding public spaces.

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Last October, tours were organised by the initiators of Reusing Dublin to make inhabitants more aware of the project. So far, there has been a lot of participation and input from by the community. The initiators created a Facebook group where inhabitants can share pictures of vacant places and share information. They are also encouraged to discuss ways of re-envisioning these places.

Did you spot one? Share your ideas! Visit their Twitter or Facebook!

Involved city makers
Aoife Corcoran
Researcher at UCD (EU research project TURAS)
Philip Crowe
Researcher at UCD (EU research project TURAS)
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