A Space for Limitless Ideas

People Lab is a coworking space that helps citizens develop a company, startup or a project. It offers the ideal place to work on the ideas of ​​a business. They seek to create a community of entrepreneurs with fresh and innovative ideas, encouraging collaboration, creativity, talent and communication. It is located in one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Quito.

This initiative proposes a new way of working based on collaboration, where small businesses can concentrate on themselves and not on administrative obstacles, while generating their own independent projects.

The environment is full of life and color, it has formal desks, meeting rooms, and designed spaces to work. From the beginning, several companies and artists have contributed with their personal touch on every wall and every corner of this place. All the areas are spacious and complemented with a recreational zone equipped with videogames, cable TV, couches for naps and a weight machine.

People Lab is perfect for people who have clear goals for their company or institution and want to start transforming their schemes to create a community of workers that encourages communication, connectivity and cooperation.

PeopleLab has a strong culture based on union and collaboration and tries to connect constantly to the world of business and entrepreneurs to design new services and open different markets focused on new trends.

This is a project that breaks with the traditional work model, eliminating the power, improving independence, autonomy and freelance work, where the transfer of knowledge is valuable.

PeopleLab forms a community of professionals with different capacities and strengths. To sum up, they are transforming competition with collaboration using teamwork and also seeking to generate a community of entrepreneurs and innovative people.

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