Omikron Project

Mapping grassroots initiatives throughout Greece

Omikron Project is an awareness raising project on how to tackle Greece’s image since the crisis. According to them the narrative and image of Greeks in the media represents a one-sided viewpoint. Omikron aims at showcasing the other side of this image.

A handy tool they introduced, is the mapping of grassroots projects throughout Greece. Addressed topics are, among others, Alternative Economies and Local Exchange Trading Systems; Collective Kitchens; Art and Culture; Education; Health; Environment, Nature and Ecology; Human Rights; Media and Communications. All of the listed organizations are explicitly not-for-profit.

This mapping is one way to show that Greeks are not lazily awaiting until EU money comes their way, but on the contrary, get united in grassroots initiatives to take control and action in their own hands. Other tools that are deployed to counterbalance this image are posters, ads, and movies.

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