Museo Nómada

A museum out of the box

Museo Nómada is an institution created by an artist, a town planner and a curator. One of their main objectives is to change people’s perception about art out of a physical space by including citizens’ participation. In contrast with commonly known museums where people tend to get bored, this is a cultural project that aims to connect the city with contemporary art, by using it to activate public space. They use social media like Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with people and also to look for independent artists to experiment with different areas in the city.

Sketch made by Herman Weeda

Their first project is called “Derivas”; to think about the way people live in the city. It has three stages: the first is a series of 7 short talks, the second is the creation of 7 artworks, and the third is the gathering of all the items above for an exhibition and a publication. Seven artists from different specialization and ages are dedicated to create a map, that is also a piece of art, which indicates where every activity or exhibition stands. By this they want us to become city makers, taking place in several activities, such as planning artistic interventions and organizing plots to improve living conditions in the city. These activities are commissions of artworks, pop-up exhibitions and lectures or conferences, for changing our perception of the city by helping in these new independent places of culture and art.

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