A platform for the celebration of cultural diversity

Multikulti provides a bottom-up answer to current urban issues we encounter on a daily basis throughout Europe. Increasing numbers of migrants, globalization and economic integration form the basis of a multicultural city in which diversity and cultural friction became challengers of social cohesion and tolerance instead of motives for cultural exchange and co-existence. 

Multikulti is a platform, formed by immigrants, to enhance the exchange of all cultural diversity that Athens has to offer. The platform aims at contributing to mutual respect, appreciation and acceptation of all the cultures living in Athens.

Multikulti encourages mutual understanding, emphasizes interaction and communication between different cultures and actively contributes to the positive aspects of the multicultural society.


What has Multikulti to offer? Articles and interviews give a diverse and extensive reading on the immigrant reality of living in the city. City guides offer tours through their colorful and diverse Athens. Recipes and tips on bars and restaurants to indulge the senses and give a taste of different cultures. A collection of all kinds of cultural projects, institutes and associations can be found on the website.

No one has to become bored in this city; their calendar gives you a grand overview on activities!

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