How to find your way in the complicated visa application process?

This week is Refugee Focus Week at Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. Every day, we are publishing articles that highlight different migration focused initiatives that fall in line with the evening in-house programs that also focus on this theme.


Migreat is a London-based initiative set up by two immigrants in 2012. The basic concept of the organisation is to help migrants in their initial stage of arrival. This help is offered through an online platform that provides migrants with information that specifically applies to their situation, and bring them in contact with the right support system.

Nowadays, Migreat has grown out into a big organisation with two offices, one in London and one in New York. 80 percent of the employees have a migrant background, and each of them has their own migration story.

The platform

The platform is built in a way that it can easily trace what kind of immigration rules apply to you, it is very individual-based approach. First of all, you need to select where you want to go to. After that, you will answer questions related to your country of origin in order to find out what kind of situations apply to you (for instance: is your home country safe? Are you threatened in your home country?). This information feeds into the database that will give you an insight of where you stand as a migrant. The platform is meant to give truthful and realistic information about the possibility of your stay, even when your possibilities of staying are limited.

Who is the target audience?

The platform gives information for all types of migrants: people that want to re-unite with their families, short stay visitors, students and even business migrants can find information that is helpful to them on the website.

Migreat communities

The website has several online migrant communities to which you are welcome to connect. As a migrant you have the possibility to meet with others who are in the same process you are in, or already settled in. Each of these communities are moderated by an employee from Migreat to make sure that the information displayed on the platforms is correct to reduce the chance of swindlers. Migrants can unite and give each other tips in these communities.

More information about the Migreat platform can be found here.

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