Meanwhile, in Indonesia…

New Urban Agenda becomes talking point in cities and societies around the world.

While we just arrived in Quito, preparing for a series of inspirational meetings in City Embassy Fabrica Ciudad in anticipation of UN’s Habitat III, the upcoming conference made the news in Indonesia as well. Jakarta and other growing cities in Indonesia are dealing with growth, thereby turning rural land into new urban areas. This urbanization calls for a new agenda on urban development.

In the Jakarta Post article shown above, Habitat III Preparatory Meeting organizing committee chairwoman Rina Agustin Indriani is quoted:

Indonesia will prioritize cultural aspects to become one of the urban development [programs] that would be sustainable.

She also emphasized the importance of people-centered development:

If society does not take part in the process, there will be problems in the future.

As a city-focused cultural organization that encourages collaboration between urban networks worldwide, we are happy to see that people-centered development takes root in more and more societies around the world. Are you interested in social innovation, City Makers’ practices and new forms of governance too? We’ll keep you posted about the developments in Quito and much more via Facebook and #citymakers on Twitter.

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