Maker Library Network

Creative spaces that facilitate collaboration between designers

Daniel Charny, founder of the Maker Library Network, deeply believes in craftsmanship, and sees design as a collaborative process. He invented the concept of the Maker Library as a place dedicated to learning through making, where designers can work and inspire each others. They also have the opportunity to test their projects and engage with the local community.


The network includes creative spaces in different cities organised around three core principles : making, showing and reading. Therefore, each place combines a workshop, a gallery and a library that enable experimentation, collaboration and knowledge sharing between local designers and the public. Maker Libraries are created an run by ‘Librarians’ who manage the programme of activities and connect people involved in different projects.

‘Librarians in each country are able to adapt the MLN principles for their local environment and location ; whether in their studio, in the corner of a café, or in a purpose built travelling vehicle.’

Thanks to a partnership with the cultural programme British Council Connect ZA, the first Makers Libraries were established in the UK and South Africa in 2014. From London to Cape Town, as well as Berlin or Lodz in Poland, about 15 Makers Libraries were created around the world in order to connect designers locally and internationally.

Interested in opening a Maker Library in your city? The organisation’s website provides the key information to launch a space based on this concept such as open source manuals to build furniture and mentorship. Experienced designers will support you during this journey, offering advices and help you connect with other ‘Librarians’.


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Daniel Charny
Professor, curator, writer and director of From Now On
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