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An online and offline magazine about the Polish urban areas

Magazyn Miasta, or Cities Magazine, is a Polish magazine based in Warsaw. The magazine published its first issue in the fall of 2012 and focuses on the urban areas in Poland and the transitions they go through. The creators of the magazine are convinced that ‘cities have become the driving force behind the development of all communities.’

The goal of the magazine makers is to inspire and provide knowledge to Polish city municipalities so that they can have a better approach when tackling urban issues. By writing about issues in the Polish urban areas, they showcase the cities’ problems. Not only journalists write for the magazine, City Makers, scholars, governmental officials and even architects see their articles published in Magazyn Miasta. The magazine is aimed at all parties that dedicate themselves to improving the quality of life for city residents and is the first Polish magazine in its kind.

A new Magazyn Miasta is published each quarter. The magazine does not merely focus on Polish cities, but discusses cities worldwide as well to find solutions for their own urban issues. It gives a voice to artists, urban planners, architects, activists as well as residents themselves. The magazine does not limit itself to these groups, but makes sure to reach government and municipal institutions as well. It strives to bring together the left and right political spectrums.

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Next to the magazine, the editorial team behind Magazyn Miasta runs educational programs in Poland, centered around the different themes that the magazine discusses. Furthermore, the team runs a research programme called DNA Miasta. With this research they aim to influence processes of urban development in Poland by using many different tools.

The magazines are available in print and online as PDF-files. You can find the magazines here and follow their progress on facebook or on their website.

The approach to the urban landscape must change on a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary level, saturated with care and taking into account the needs of all social groups. The constitutional provisions on sustainable development, or access to housing should be filled with living content, hopefully with the support of involved publications such as the promising CITY magazine. – Dariusz Śmiechowski from the Association of Polish Architects

Marta Żakowska, who is the editor-in-chief of Magazyn Miasta, was present at the New Europe City Makers Pre-Summit on the 4th and 5th of February.


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