The riverbank open to all

The Holzmarkt Cooperation is reacting to the Media Spree by developing 18000m2 of land

The Holzmarkt Cooperation is developing a 18,000 m2 area next to the river Spree for nature, economy and culture; creating a welcome alternative to the growing number of corporate and luxury buildings arising at the riverbank of the Spree. 

Like other cities, land at the river shore of the Spree is highly coveted, under the name Media-Spree the land is developing quick. The developments taking place are mostly for company headquarters, luxury lofts, and hotels, creating a corporate and exclusive look and feel- excluding Berlin residents. Not surprisingly, in 2008 people living in the adjacent neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain staged a protest, demanding an inclusive Spree riverbank.


The Holzmarkt Cooperative formulates an answer to their concerns and demands. The Holzmarkt Cooperative acquired a piece of land at the riverbank that connects Mitte, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshein. They set out to develop their 18,000m2 of land for nature, economy, and culture: creating an open space for creativity, living and working: open to all. Holzmarkt will feature low density, permeability, and low-cost DIY buildings ensuring low rents.


Holzmarkt is developed by Mörchenpark and GuK, who together convinced a Swiss pension fund to buy and lease back the land to Holzmarkt for 75 years. In the span of 10 years they planned to develop a technology center, a club, a park, a restaurant, and a hotel. However, the exact look or final product is not set in stone, and therefore flexible for new interpretations, plans and goals.

Sustainability and advancement are not a contradiction. The Holzmarkt leaves room for something new, does not remain static. We want to create value, experiment and learn in a unique place worth living.

Involved city makers
Christian Grauvogel
President Mörchenpark e.V.
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