Largest Living Lab in Europe

Even the Americans are impressesed

The largest living lab in Europe is now in Copenhagen.


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Situated in a Copenhagen suburb, Living Lab is a 1:1 scale testing lab for lighting technologies.  The nonprofit Gate 21 in cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark and the municipality of Albertslund operate the Living Lab. Danish Outdoor Lighting Laboratory‘s (DOLL) Living Lab applies lighting, intelligent controlling and Smart City solutions and also tests them in mock-up settings based on real contexts. It gives the opportunity for cities to test out their sensory activated LED-lighting solutions in a urban setting that can be experienced. such tools make concepts more concrete (literally) which are easier to understand and compare and thus make decisions on. Living Lab also benefits manufacturers and suppliers whom can test out their products with a control room and impartial documentation with Quality Lab that eases implementation.

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Not only is the scale impressive but the way it embraces innovation and efficient solutions that contribute to a better environment. The Living Lab helps with the ambitious goal of becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2025. This is especially important as current light infrastructure ages and needs to be replaced. public lighting systems ask as the backbone of the network sensors that can make cities smarter. DOLL improves implementation of smart city concepts while covering topics such as: traffic & neighborhood safety, parking management, and monitoring of critical infrastructure and tourists. despite the smart and sustainable goals of efficiency it has some privacy advocates concerned about how much is monitored. The plan is to expand to waste management and mapping out efficient bike routes all from the sensors within the light fixtures that collect the live data into a system.

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