Knjižnica pod krošnjami

Mobile library: Pleasant reading locations await you throughout Slovenia

“Let’s enjoy reading books under the treetops”. This is what this organisation invites you to do at their events. Their goal is to recognise the importance of reading, creating and socializing. They designed a mobile library to encourage these activities by bringing books to different places in Ljubljana. This is gaining momentum and becoming well know known, allowing them to spread the library to many other places. The project remains faithful to its core goal and starting point – in collaboration with publishers, partners and supporters providing free reading, leafing through and enjoying the trees.

Take a break. Dedicate some time to a good book and turning its pages in the calm shade. A book, read in nature, has become a forgotten pleasure!

The Library under the Treetops has been designed as a handy collection of possible reading. Among the selected books, newspapers and magazines, you will find representations of all book genres and many formats that are suitable for a calm environment. The main role is reserved for novelties offering an insight into the most fresh book production. The Library under the Treetops collaborates with a series of publishing houses, so it is able to showcase a number of fresh titles. Another menu special consists of several domestic as well as foreign newspapers and magazines.

Check out the coming places where the mobile library will be set up. The website has a map with the locations the initiative will be taking place.

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