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Singing techniques for climate change

Klimaatkoor members consider themselves activists not only because they take part in a social justice initiative, but mainly because they stand for climate change. By setting up this movement in September 2015, Florian and Fleur intended to set the principles of this musical activism and call for partners-in-action. Based in Utrecht, members of this green initiative strive for environmental change by singing on the streets and organizing various optimistic performances.

Main ambition of Klimaatkoor is to generate practices that embrace eco-friendly approaches for the environment, rather than a street demonstration. What makes it distinct from other green-oriented movements is their passion for signing that transformed into a tool for climate change. They all gather in Utrecht and adopt the lyrics of famous songs to more environmental frames through which they approach a great and diverse range of fans and supporters. Open-mindedness, love for signing and ambition for climate change are the only requirements one needs in order to take part in this innovative choir.

“Social movements are always supported and enhanced by good music”. So why not acting through singing? – Fleur Femke on duurzamestudent 

This climate-focused choir is not only aimed at promoting music that stands for climate change. Overall, it is also a chance for people to meet others with similar interests. When it comes to social, environmental or political justice, history has long proved that citizen movements have the potential to pave the way for change. Citizens sensitized about the environment can come along and act in various events and performances. This year, Klimaatkoor took a stance at Amsterdam’s People’s Climate March on April 29th. This creative contribution calls on all passionate activists that want to embrace eco-friendly attitudes not only for the future but also for the ‘now’ generations.

©Florian Wolff

Furthermore, such a musical form of activism encourages the condemnation of practices that undermine, or collide with the environmental sustainability. By functioning as a network and a stage for ambitious citizens, they voice up their presence and can likely influence. Both individuals, as well as initiatives, are more than welcome to join forces with Klimaatkoor leading to collaborative actions on the side of nature. Other teams, movements or platforms can collaborate with this effort-for-climate-change initiative as long as their mission is the future sustainability of our planet.



Music has the power to bring people together, let alone people that stand for the common and nature’s good. Klimaatkoor’s mission in Utrecht, and overall in the world, is to make this come true by using singing methods and spreading positive messages as ultimate tools for environmental justice.

If you want to watch Klimaatkoor’s performance in People’s Climate March Amsterdam of 2017  click here

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