Exhibiting urban change to open up the discussion

Imagine the City

Bringing together Athenians for new participatory forms of redevelopment – and the activities that come along with it.

ImagineTheCity platform, started in 2009 by a group of architects, seeks to open a direct and constructive dialogue between academics, citizens, artists and local authorities on decision-making processes surrounding the planning and design in redevelopment projects. This challenges new processes and institutions through examining the the identities and experiences of Greek cities. It is a coordination network providing tools and expertise from relevant experience of Greek cities through informal groups and civil initiatives.

Their actions are materialised through the proposal of redevelopment proposals of the urban landscape through studies, renderings, models, research documents with parallel lectures, discussions, workshops, and events.

This platform provides ways for citizens to discuss, learn and understand how to improve their city. A open call is made to the educational institutions including, students and researchers,  and the creative community to gather proposals in any form  which refer to aesthetic, functional, cultural, touristic. or environmental upgrades.


The parallel events work towards disseminating knowledge by bringing in the local community (including children) to give them opportunities to participated in the transformation of their urban landscape. This process creates new ground for synergy at the local level. One of the example is the SynAthina project, with support from various Greek companies. started a meeting place for networking and cooperation for ideas to bloom.

Working structure


This group is supported by the non profit Place Identity  (Clusters for Identity Site and Citizen Participation). A greek organisation developing networks and projects that aim to regenerate Greek cities with citizens envisioning and creating a place worth living in. They accomplish this with civic connectivity, transparency, participation, locality and cooperation. they target bottom-up processes and encourage experimentation with academia, creative communities and citizens

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