Say no to street harassment

Hollaback! is a worldwide movement against street harassment. People who have had  experiences with street harassment often feel uncomfortable and  powerless, feeling that there is nothing that they can do. Hollaback! however wants to show you that it is possible to take action.  Documenting, mapping and sharing incidents of harassment, by the use of your smartphone or computer, takes away the power of the harasser. 

This is why Hollaback! has decided to create an online platform where people can share their stories with each other. You have the option to click on the button ‘I’ve got your back!’ to show your support. The platform brings awareness to the issue of harassment and works toward an equal access to public spaces for all.

Hollaback! has an active network in countries all over the world; from Amsterdam to Mumbai and from Zagreb to São Paulo. Watch these videos below to hear what Emil May- co-founder and executive director of Hollaback – envisions with this organisation. The second video is a feminist response to street harassment.


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