A way to work at home and breed more creativity

More diverse (H)office spaces

An inspiring new system of working in home spaces that promote productivity along with a sense of community.

Working at home can require extra focus when you are not surrounded by colleagues whom are diligently working besides you. Similar to the Huiskamer Kantoor initiative (Living Room Office) in Amsterdam, Hoffice takes this idea a step further. In Stockholm, the initiators of Hoffice created a platform that allows people to combine  the home and office for a more intimate form of the workplace, in which couches and kitchen tables become work spots and phone calls are taken in bedrooms.

Hoffice is not only something open to just entrepreneurs or freelancers, it connects “anyone that could benefit from the structure and is looking for a free of cost and flexible workplace” with participants that open up their homes as temporary working spaces, says Christofer, initiator of Hoffice. Hofficers can be unemployed and looking for work, students, people working on their passion project or serious hobby and social and environmental activists. “One of the great benefits of Hoffice is the mix of people, quite often it becomes a meeting place where people that don’t normally interact meet and connect through the support they offer each other through the structure and the fun they share in the breaks” explains Christopher.

It’s a way of separating work from other life activities, when you physically leave your home and create a small sense of pressure to increase productivity. In Hoffice’s structured approach, they realize attention spans are 40 min so after every 45 minutes a buzzer goes off and everyone exercises or meditates and converses with others about what they plan to accomplish, creating an atmosphere of accountability and mutual help. Hoffice creates a network surrounding a philosophy of a new type of workspace that seeks to be inclusive. It revolutionizes co-working spaces by making those present participants in sharing and responding to ideas and goals. Many find the working arrangement a great way to get the ball rolling. Hoffice creates a sense of community in which a joy of accomplishment comes after a days work.

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What sets Hoffice, and other no-obligation workspaces like Meet Plant, apart is that fact that it’s free and without commitment unlike other co-working spaces that require fees and memberships. Some of Hoffice’s future ambitions is to make it easier for people to engage and help out spreading and working on Hoffice related projects as well as giving back through crowdfunding the improvements the community decide to be developed. They are in the process of  thinking about a system to collect more opinions and ideas about how to develop the concept and what services and applications the community want.

Currently, in Stockholm they are collaborating with libraries to broaden their audience. They hope the semi-public space will make Hoffice accessible to people that normally wouldn’t find their way to another persons home. In addtion, there are services available in the library that is not as common in some private homes, such as bookable conference and meeting rooms. The new Loffice idea complements and serves as a gateway to the Hoffice community. Throughout the rest of Europe, the idea is spreading quickly to other cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Riga, Helsinki, Copenhagen, among others.

Similar set ups have been popping up in the US, however, they aim to make money off the concept in an Airbnb style of renting out home space for work. The Hoffice system is already mutually beneficial and  plus its cool to see other peoples houses and get to work in them in a new fresh yet homey atmosphere.

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