An interdisciplinary platform for urban development

Fragment is one of a hopeful number of interconnected actors on the city-making scene in Sofia, aiming to change public urban environment in its entirety or in fragments, by employing both bottom-up strategies and innovative ways to interact with local authority, like Transformatori, WhAT Association, Grupa Grad and many others.

The main activity of Fragment is the creation, promotion and application of mechanisms for cooperation between different kinds of disciplines, varying from architects and artists to psychologists and lawyers. They strive for the development of cities according to the needs of its users in a functional, qualitative and sustainable way.


The two most important aims are to reach interaction and compliance. Firstly, in an ideal process public space is shaped through close interaction between citizens, governments, institutions and companies, which will lead to sustainable and adaptive development. Secondly, compliance refers to the complex and dynamically changing set of specificities and needs of users and realities, and their place in the processes, which relates to the maintenance or transformation of urban public spaces.

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Involved city makers
Hristo Stankushev
Owner at Don't DIY Studio, Sofia
Antonina Ilieva
Don't DIY Studio, Sofia
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