Fiestas Populares de Lavapies

¡Que viva Lavapiés!

The neighbours of Lavapies believe that getting together is something  more than crowded streets, the smell of fried food and loud music that goes very late in the evening.The intention of the festival is to show “the neighbourhood’s social reality” in diverse spaces where neighbors can meet and work together.

They neighborhood of Lavapies is known for its diverse population and the different organisations that have shaped a shared philosophy based on culture. In order to highlight this strong culture, the inhabitants found a way to celebrate their community by meeting and discussing ways to improve the living in the neighborhood.  Neighbor’s have appealed for a festival in 2016 following some guidelines.

They are looking for a more sustainable and enjoyable festival, where all events themselves are compatible with the livability of the neighborhood. They would like to promote  and spread cultural / musical activities in different parts of the neighborhood by building small stages around the area. In this way they will have the chance to expand the festival activities to different corners of the neighborhood. Music, dances and games will respectfully take place in to the streets.

It will be a festival where the whole neighborhood can actively participate. Such a space should give neighbors the opportunity to get to know each other enjoying a wide range of participating organisations from all corners of Lavapies (schools, cultural associations, senior centers, etc.). Everyone can contribute transforming the streets into community hubs, sharing meals, dances, etc.

The main motivation is not to make profit (understood as the sheer accumulation of capital). The management will be public and not private so that nobody is allowed to take any kind of economic advantage of such a festivity. 

They will announce soon when the next festival will take place! Do not miss it! You can participate, be involved, come up with ideas or propose a location.

Would you like to join the celebration? Follow their Facebook or check their Website!

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