Enter The Void

Appropriating Urban Spaces to Underground Youth Culture

Enter the Void is an international project between the cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest and Riga on the topic of urban spaces for informal cultural events. Its a European think tank, formulating advice on how to improve access of young actors to urban space. The project will tackle questions like: how do we keep the city vibrant with bubbles of creativity? How do we interact with public space to create experimental playgrounds? And how do we create spaces where music, culture and art can spontaneously arise and exist?

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Enter The Void is an initiative started by Kulturersatz and Clubcommission Berlin, with the support of the EU (Erasmus+) and will last for the period 2016-2018. It follows in the footsteps of Berlins Planned Chaos, continuing the dialogue on public space for spontaneous music events, but now with an international perspective. It’s goal is to inform policy-makers about youth culture, as well as exchanging strategies on how to improve the access of young people to the informal city subculture and underground music scene.

The project brings together several groups representing youth subculture and city-making on a European scale, among them: Black Rabbit Collective, Nachtburgemeester Amsterdam, Free Riga and Aurora Budapest. Each of them represents the general direction music and club culture is taking towards full-fledged integration into local society. The approach is holistic: How are we going to use the space to accommodate the music? How are we going to make the club a key part of its neighbourhood? How are we going to play a role in representing underground youth culture, with all its grittiness and freedom?

After gathering in Berlin last April, this month Enter The Void goes to Amsterdam. You can find many clubs and locations in Amsterdam that also adhere to this approach of culture: De School, Radion and De Marktkantine to name a few. In terms of urban space, there’s ADM, NDSM, and Ruigoord. Even more interested? Come and talk with us at Pakhuis De Zwijger where the evening ‘Struggling for Alternative Culture’ will be held.

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