El Mercadillo del Patio

Supporting local and artisan entrepreneurs in Quito.


A fair that guarantees the excellence of traditional local products and innovative handicraft products  


One of the most ambitious challenges we are facing nowadays as a society, is to encourage quality products, to diversify production and to generate decent employment. “El Mercadillo del Patio” is an excellent initiative to support local production of entrepreneurs that are trying to share their products and looking forward to an introduction to the local market.   

On Sunday, October 2th 2016, the monthly fair of organic and handicraft products, organized by “Patio El Arupo”, took place on Veracruz street and America avenue.  The intention of this fair is to promote the consumption of local products gathering a lot of new little Ecuadorian businesses that want to make their products known by the community. Some of the sellers that participate in this fair affirm that this kind of event is an incredible way to strengthen the economy in a moment of recession and global financial crisis.

But, why giving so much importance to the organic and handicraft?

The aim of this event is to support sustainable development and environmental care, because if people´s consumption is properly addressed, a greater impact will be generated. The only condition to be part of this fair is to offer organic and/or craft products; they must not have chemicals or preservatives. An exclusive characteristic of this fair is that clients purchase the products directly to their producer. The working way of the producers must be certified, and in this way, giving the costumers consistency in what they say they do with their working way and the obtainment of materials.


“Patio El Arupo” was created three years ago as an initiative to open a cultural space to support artistic exhibits; the place was activated with the “Mercadillo” and later they started to offer new artistic events including stand-up comedy, music and theater.  The founds of the events are intended for the foundation CEPI (Centro de la Piel), to provide medical care for people with skin diseases with limited resources; besides this, the intention was to create a cultural proposal in a different neighborhood of the city.


All in all, “El Mercadillo del Patio” is way of helping local businesses and supporting environmental care and if you go in another day of the month that it´s not the fair, the place still offers a great environment with food, entertainment and cultural shows





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