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They create imagery of and interact with the future with research, analysis, discussion and sensing. Their professional and academic background is future studies, performance art, policy development, business strategy, design, communication and education. They have been involved in a variety of exploratory and experimental projects ranging from creating engaging environments connecting performance strategies, graphic design and concept development, disseminating and applying knowledge via communication, and develop visions through analysis.

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One example is the Dome of Visions which implements new ideas in construction, curation and urban thinking and planing in a unique 1:1 experiment temporarily placed at different urban and rural sites. The minimalist structure is based on the 1940s ideas of American Futurist and Architect, Buckminister Fuller. The dome, as an updated version of a community center, is a place to inspire and challenge sustainable solutions. It offers a (physical) to discuss and experience, while challenging traditional construction industry practises.

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Another project is “In 100 years – starting now” that was a one year project discussing the long-term preferred futures for sustainable societies without compromising future generations. The first purpose was to garner awareness, in academia, decision makers and the general public, along the important transitions effecting sustainability and growth. The second outlines possible scenarios to asses different approaches for development.

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Its about being aware of your preferred future.

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Involved city makers
Flemming Wisler
Partner and Chairman, Business ahead of business. CSR, strategy and communication adviser and executor
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