Destructive Creation Sparking Discussion Since 2011

The collective is not only making political statements but also giving back to the city

In Sofia’s streets, some unexpected colors might pop up in unexpected places. Some call it vandalism; some call it innovation or creative intervention, but one thing is for certain: public response is always widely spread, as the political artworks never fail to spark controversy. They are made by a small group of young men called ‘Destructive Creation’. Their motto: “You should have done it yourself”. Their canvas: Sofia’s monuments and statues.

Destructive Creation became globally known in 2011 when they made the monument of the “Soviet Army, Liberator of the Bulgarian People” into a group of popular American symbols, topping the cake with a slogan that said “Keeping up with the times”. This sparked debate in Bulgarian society about whether to remove the monument or not. After this act of destructive creation, more street artists followed, transforming the same monument several times.

However, political statements come in different forms too. Destructive Creation has been improving urban conditions singlehandedly. At night, they make benches, pavilions, bookshelves for parks, workshops for the repair of bicycles and other useful things for the people living in Sofia, and place them in the public space. They do this with cheap materials that they buy themselves, without looking for no financial help from the city that they try to make more beautiful.

The artists of Destructive Creation insist on remaining anonymous, as they are all but silent about the issues within Bulgarian society. Furthermore, they prefer the attention to go to the work and its message instead of the maker. It remains the question if they will ever reveal their identity. Until then, they will continue to shake up Sofia’s daily life.

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