City Makers Summit – Day 4 – WE ACT

Ten minutes of City Makers’ fame at the ministerial conference

On the fourth day of the New Europe City Makers Summit, it was time for action. Charlot Schans, project leader of New Europe at Pakhuis de Zwijger, and Amalia Zepou, vice mayor of Athens, presented the City Makers Agenda to the informal ministerial meeting for the Urban Agenda for the EU. Later that day, while City Makers were busy making the city in Pakhuis de Zwijger, the news that the Urban Agenda for the EU had been accepted came to our ears, of which the City Makers Agenda will be an annex. The hard work of the last two years has indeed paid off!

In this article, we take you through this fourth day of the City Makers Summit. Eager to learn more? Below, you will find the reports of each session that could be attended during this day.

Apart from the presentation of the City Makers Agenda, also a video was shown with inspirational City Makers and initiatives that make the city. A city which is inspired by the ideas of the citizens themselves.

During this last Summit-day, enthousiastic City Makers took over Pakhuis de Zwijger to learn from each other, to develop new ideas and to establish new partnerships. Following various workshops, lectures and even games, the City Makers from the networks of New Europe and Nieuw Nederland shared their knowledge and experiences with each other. In the concluding session, Peter Groenendaal of Placemaking Plus spoke: “The community is the expert, City Makers are the tools.” 

Grasp the energy of the City Makers

We invite you to look back on this full day of action through some selected tweets, energizing photo’s, vibrant video’s and inspring reports of the workshops that took place, and to take all of this information with you as a City Maker and make every city a better place.


And what’s next?

Because for us, the great success of the City Makers Summit only marks the beginning of a meaningful network, we are excited to announce the first follow-ups: on June 24 a City Expedition takes us to the city of Zwolle, and after a summer break the next Metropolitan Field Trip will take us to Thessaloniki from 6 – 9 October together with Tópio and Stipo. And in the spring of 2017 we hope to meet you all in Athens for the second City Makers Summit!

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and contributions so far, and we are looking forward to expand and maintain the network with you!

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