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Copenhagenize is a super cool blog about everything to do with cycling. They are run by Copenhagenize Design Co. which was founded by CEO Mikael Colville-Andersen. The blog covers issues concerning urban mobility from various cities around the world, giving a much needed perspective on best practices for improving cycling. They believe in the power of the “Life-Sized City” and are for prioritizing the bicycle for rebuilding urban spaces and improving the overall quality of life. This takes place in a myriad of realms: infrastructure, planning, traffic, communications or master classes.

With a human perspective, Copenhagenize is a multi-disciplinary team, critiquing modern urban planning when singular in its focus on technical models and solutions, statistics, impact assessment and cost. They look at the user as the point of departure, in a way that advises and inspires cities and organizations.

The Copenhagenize Design Co. offers services such as coaching, communication expertise, product design, planning, and master classes!

Check out the portfolio of their projects here.


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